since 2002, Extraordinary Escapes has been focusing exclusively on the Maldives, hand selecting the most amazing luxury tropical resorts 

As one of the leading wholesalers specializing in the Maldives, Extraordinary Escapes’ Consultants know everything about this beautiful destination. We will provide information you can’t find online. Our CEO is personally involved in all client bookings and regularly visits each island resort to ensure we’re always up to date. This enables us to perfectly match your escape with the very best resort.

Extraordinary Escapes will plan your holiday or event, allowing you to have complete peace of mind from the moment you first contact us. We focus on delivering first class service that’s rivalled by no other company.

I created Extraordinary Escapes Maldives in 2002, in response to a critical need in the market place for a company that specialized in one destination. I was tired of being misinformed, agents dealing with multiple destinations and who didn’t have the expertise or the time to get my holiday right.

Specializing in a destination means that I can provide information to my clients that no other company can. It’s simply impossible to know everything about all destinations or even everything about ten destinations. I created this company to ensure that Extraordinary Escapes’ clients receive the attention they deserve.

As the CEO of Extraordinary Escapes, I have a law degree and practiced as a lawyer in Sydney and London. I lived overseas for an extended period. I have travelled the world extensively, with and without children (I have four children), staying in many of the leading hotels of the world.
— Jodie Turner, CEO Extraordinary Escapes Maldives

How We Achieve this

We have exclusive contracts with each of our resorts and have established long standing relationships through our direct dealings personally. Unlike other companies, there’s no middle party. 

We have hand selected, the most luxurious resorts in the Maldives. However, all of these resorts are very different. Our Consultants continuously visit Maldives, staying at these resorts (for more than just one night) in order to gain a true understanding of the differences between the resorts and experiencing first hand all that they have to offer e.g. what room to request for that perfect sunset, where the most romantic place in the Maldives is to have a private Island dinner or where to hold your wedding ceremony, the best resorts for families or where to stay for the best diving or surfing experience. Extraordinary Escapes Consultants match the right resort to the right client.


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